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Over 200,000 retail, warehouse & fast food workers
standing up for a fair go.

The SDA is the Union for workers in Retail, Warehousing & Fast Food
We're at work with you.

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Who We Are

We stand together for a fair deal for retail, warehousing and fast food workers to improve your pay and conditions at work.

From pay negotiation to legal advice and free accident insurance, the benefits of being a member of the SDA are huge.

We make sure you know your rights at work and are on hand to help if something goes wrong.

We are your voice at work. And the more members we have, the more we can achieve.

What We Do

  • Better wages & conditions: We will negotiate and fight for the best possible wages and employment conditions on your behalf.
  • Protection & security: Our legal team are experts at dealing with unfair dismissal, wage underpayments, bullying and harassment and worker’s compensation.
  • Workplace Health & Safety: We advocate for safe, healthy and productive workplaces for all our members. And if you’re injured at work, our legal team is there to help you.
  • Advice & support: If you have a question, whether it’s about your roster or your rate of pay, we can help provide you with the right advice and support.

Who Cares? A Fair Share of Work & Care

This report provides information about the work, family and care arrangements of employees in Australia’s retail, fast food and warehousing industries. Through the pandemic, these workers have been recognised for their essential contributions in maintaining safe access to food and other necessities for the community. Yet this recognition is not reflected in their employment conditions and supports; they remain low paid and lack access to the flexibility arrangements which assist workers in other industries to provide care to children and adults, and to manage work and family commitments.

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Your safety must come first - abuse from customers is not part of the job

Customer violence and abuse was – and still remains – a serious health and safety issue for SDA members and workers in the retail and fast food industries. We are committed to finding a wide range of practical solutions that better protect you at work.

Learn more about the SDA's action on eliminating abuse & violence towards workers

Join retail, fast food and warehousing workers from across Australia fighting for a fair go at work.

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A union is an organisation of workers who join together to achieve common workplace goals through collective bargaining. A union represents workers in a particular industry by negotiating for job security, fair pay and better working conditions. A union provides members with workplace information, support and advice, shop floor representation when a problem arises, and legal representation for underpayments, unfair dismissals and workers compensation.

The SDA can negotiate your wages and conditions with your employer and in Awards so that you don’t have to. We can provide workplace information and support if you have a problem at work. If things get serious, the SDA provides free legal representation for unfair dismissals, underpayments and workers compensation.

Any worker working in the retail, fast food, warehousing, hair and beauty, and modelling industries can join the SDA.

If you’re not a member, we can’t help you. If you have a pre-existing issue when you join, we are unable to help you with that particular issue. However, we will be able to help you with all workplace issues that arise after you’ve joined the SDA.

Yes, you can join the SDA and have full access to all the benefits of union membership even if there are no other union members in your workplace.

No. You have a right to be a union member and that right is protected under General Protections provisions of the Fair Work Act. You do not need to disclose your union membership to your employer unless you wish to.

No. You do not have to tell your employer that you are a member of the union unless you wish to.

The SDA has an office in every state and territory across Australia.

SDA Victoria Branch
Level 3, 65 Southbank Boulevard

Phone: 03 9698 1400 or 1800 133 048

SDA New South Wales Branch
Level 3, 8 Quay Street

Phone: 02 9281 7022 or 131 732

SDA Newcastle and Northern Branch
Level 1, 710 Hunter Street

Phone: 02 4961 4694

SDA Queensland Branch
385 St Pauls Terrace

Phone: 07 3833 9500 or 1800 657 141

SDA South Australia Branch
69 Fullarton Road

Phone: 08 8139 1000 or 1800 806 398

SDA Western Australia Branch
Level 5, 25 Barrack Street
PERTH, WA 6000

Phone: 1300 275 732 or 08 9221 4321

SDA Tasmania Branch
72 York Street

Phone: 03 6331 8166

SDA National Office
Level 6 53 Queen Street

Phone: (03) 8611 7000