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Proposed tax cuts – all SDA members benefit

1.2 million retail, warehousing and fast food workers better off under responsible tax cut proposal What is the new tax cut proposal? Under the Albanese Government proposal, from 1 July this year all tax payers will receive a tax cut. This is a change from legislated tax cuts put in place by the previous Government…

The SDA is taking legal action against McDonald’s

The SDA is taking legal action against McDonald’s for denying workers their paid breaks. If you work or previously worked at McDonald’s at any time since 2015, please watch this important update about the current legal action. You can read this information here and download the opt out form here.

SDA joins KFC Class Action

The SDA has today announced that it has instructed the class action law firm, Gordon Legal, to act its behalf in a wage theft Class Action against KFC. The relationship between the SDA, the union for retail, warehousing, and fast-food workers, and Gordon Legal ensures that claims can be pursued on behalf of all potential…

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