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SDA calls on Coles to provide paid leave to casuals

The SDA is here to provide support, information and advice as the Coronavirus pandemic continues.

We understand this is a difficult time for workers and thank you for working hard to provide an important essential service to Australians during this time.

The situation is changing rapidly but it’s important to know what your rights are so that you are safe and protected at work.


  • Your health must not be put at risk during this time
  • Your safety must be a priority and your employer should have increased measures in place that keep you safe
  • You must have financial and job security during an increasingly uncertain time

Paid leave

The SDA is calling on two weeks special paid leave for ALL workers regardless of whether you are full-time, part-time, casual or a contract worker.

Now more than ever, it is critically important that casual receive paid leave if they are required to self isolate. They require immediate help as they will not be paid if they cannot work.

No worker should have to choose between going to work sick and paying the bills or providing for themselves and their family.

The SDA has called on Coles to provide paid leave to casuals to bring them in line with many other retail employers.

Additional paid leave should also be provided to part-time and full-time employees who are required to self isolate.

Your safety

Employers should have increased health and safety measures in place that protect you and keep you safe at work. This will also require help from Government and the community.

Examples of these measures:

  • Providing hand sanitiser and ability to wash hands more regularly
  • Regular cleaning of work stations
  • Allowing you to wear masks and gloves
  • Putting in distancing measures in stores
  • Increased police presence in shopping centres

The SDA is pressing for all such measures in our industry and we will keep you updated.

For more information, please visit

Remember, the SDA is here to support you, if you have any questions or concerns please call the SDA.