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Retailers call for a wage freeze for low paid workers a “disgrace”

Quotes from Gerard Dwyer National Secretary the SDA the union for retail, warehouse, online retail and fast food, workers

“Low paid, frontline workers have seen their wages going backwards for a decade.

“Now as some of the lowest paid workers struggle with the skyrocketing cost of living, as they struggle with rising food prices and the cost of other essentials, the Master Grocers Association, representing brands like IGA, FoodWorks and Mitre 10, is demanding the Fair Work Commission give some of the lowest paid, least secure workers no increase in this year’s minimum wage case.

“As the Morrison government acknowledges in the Budget papers yet again inflation will outstrip wage growth in the coming year, leaving low paid workers suffering a real cut in their take home pay unless the Fair Work Commission agrees to an equitable increase in this year’s Annual Wage Review.

“This call for a wage freeze is unconscionable.

“After two years on the pandemic frontline serving our community and after suffering two delayed pay rises in two years this is how the MGA wants to reward essential retail workers.

“A zero wage increase would be a disaster for retail workers and their families facing rocketing food and other prices as well as for the Australian economy.

“The Reserve Bank of Australia is urging employers to pass on significant pay rises and this is the MGA’s economically illiterate response.

“What a disgrace.”


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