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SDA Reject Shop Agreement 2018

Good news! The new Reject Shop Agreement was approved by the Fair Work Commission on 29 April 2019.

The new Agreement will take effect from Monday 6 May 2019 and has a nominal expiry date of 30 June 2020.

This is a fantastic outcome for employees at the Reject Shop as the new Agreement secures your pay and conditions over the next few years including

  • A pay rise for all
  • Improved penalty rates
  • Many hard-won SDA union conditions

You received an increase to your pay on 1 August last year upon a positive vote and your next pay rise is on 1 August this year.

Reject Shop employees who are employed after 6 May 2019 will receive different rates of pay. You can read more about the new Reject Shop Agreement below.

Thank you for your support. Your union membership has helped to protect and improve your pay and conditions at the Reject Shop.

If you have any questions, please call the SDA.

Reject Shop employees recently voted on whether to accept the proposed Agreement.

It was overwhelming endorsed in the ballot with a 95% yes vote!

This a great outcome for Reject Shop employees as the Agreement will ensure:

A wage increase for everyone
Improved penalty rates
Many hard-won SDA union conditions

The first wage increase will be paid within the next two weeks, including back pay from the first full pay period following 1 August 2018.

All other changes and entitlements will apply from the approval of the Agreement.

The proposed Reject Shop Agreement will now go to the Fair Work Commission for approval. The new Agreement will take effect from the date of approval by the Fair Work Commission.

Thanks to all of our SDA members who voted and had their say to protect and improve their pay and conditions!

If you have any questions, please call your local SDA Branch.

Following extensive negotiations, the SDA and The Reject Shop have finalised a proposed new Enterprise Agreement for your consideration.

The proposed Agreement ensures:

  • Your take-home pay is protected
  • Superior conditions won by the SDA in previous agreements
  • A new penalty rate structure
  • A wage increase for everyone

After a consideration period, you will be asked to vote on the proposed Agreement by a ballot.

If the proposed Agreement is endorsed by a majority of employees in the ballot, it will go to the Fair Work Commission (‘FWC’) for approval.

If the proposed The Reject Shop Agreement is voted up and approved, it will apply from the date of approval until 30 June 2020.
SDA Organisers will be out in stores to explain the proposed Agreement so you have all the information you need before you vote.

Any questions about the proposed new Agreement should be directed to your SDA Delegate, SDA Organiser or your Manager.

A copy of the proposed Agreement is available to read in your workplace.

Below are the major changes to the proposed Agreement.

The proposed Agreement introduces a new wage structure. Under the proposed Agreement, all existing
team members will have their take-home pay protected. Team members employed prior to the date of the
approval of the Agreement are called “Pre-team”. New employees will be called “Post-team” and will have
different rates of pay.


Upon a successful yes vote of Reject Shop team members, the new base rate will apply and will be
backdated to the first full pay period on or after 1 August 2018.

Allowances in the proposed Agreement have been brought in line with the Retail Award.

»» The first aid allowance has been reduced from $12.74 to $10.89, however current team members receiving the higher first aid
allowance will continue to do so.
»» The meal allowance is increased from $16.88 to $18.29.
»» A travel allowance has been introduced into the Agreement at 78 cents per kilometre. All travel, transport and employee transfer related allowances/reimbursements are in line with the Retail Award.
»» Broken Hill allowance will continue to apply.

Dress standards have been removed from the Agreement. TRS will deal with dress standards in policy. If team members are required by TRS to wear a uniform or special dress including PPE it should be provided to the team member at no-cost. A new laundry allowance has been introduced:

Where a team member is required to launder any special uniform, dress or other clothing, the team member will be paid the following applicable allowance:

(1) For a full-time employee: $6.25 per week
(2) For a part-time/casual employee: $1.25 per shift

If an employee is engaged in higher duties for more than 2 hours, they will be paid at the higher
classification for the entire shift.

Less than 2 hours is paid at the higher rate for time so worked, rather than the 1 hour minimum in the current Agreement. If a team member is required to perform the Assistant Store Manager or Store Manager roles, they will be paid at least the equivalent minimum Retail Award rates for that time.

The proposed agreement contains the following junior rate structure.

The proposed new Agreement contains new and increased penalty rates. The new penalty rates for Pre-team
are as follows:


Casual penalty rates will increase over the life of the Agreement for work on Monday to Friday 6pm to 11pm and on Saturdays. This is a result of the SDA winning our case in the Fair Work Commission for casual employees to receive penalty rates in addition to casual loading on weeknights and Saturdays.

Team members employed after the date of approval of the proposed Agreement will be called “Post-team”. Post-team will have different rates of pay to existing team members. Their pay will be set at the Retail Award rate of pay plus an additional 0.5%.







Team members employed after the approval
of the proposed Agreement will receive higher
penalty rates on a lower base rate of pay in line
with the Retail Award.

The spread of hours has been brought in line with the Retail Award.


The proposed Agreement provides that overtime will be paid at 150% for the first 3 hours, and 200% thereafter. The current Agreement provides that overtime is paid at 150% for the first 2 hours, and 200% thereafter. This brings the proposed Agreement in line with the Award. Under the proposed Agreement, Casual Pre-team are paid at 161% for the first 3 hours of overtime and then at 207% thereafter. In year 2 of the proposed EBA the rate for the first 3 hours would be 164.5% and hours thereafter 211.5%. Casuals Pre-team percentages are adjusted to account to ensure rates are better off.

In order to access entitlements such as paid and unpaid Personal Leave and Compassionate Leave the definition of “immediate family” will now include step, foster, and children under a permanent care order.

The entitlement to 2 days of unpaid Domestic Violence Leave has been increased to 5 days.

Removal of 20% reduction of part-time hours clause

The proposed Agreement removes the ability of
The Reject Shop to reduce a part-time employee’s
core hours by a maximum of 20% in each
anniversary year. Reduction in hours can no longer
occur except by mutual agreement.

Removal of part-time flex up

Currently a 15% loading is applied on hours over
your contract but employees do not accrue any
extra leave entitlements, this will be removed and
new arrangements will be introduced.

New part-time additional hours arrangements

The proposed Agreement allows part-time
employees to do additional hours. Additional hours
must be agreed in writing and will now be paid at
the appropriate rate of pay for the time worked.
You will now accrue additional leave entitlements including
annual leave and personal leave. This is
instead of the 15% loading. A part-time employee
can agree to do additional hours in advance by
entering into a standing consent.

Work on Sunday evenings

Under the proposed Agreement team members
may be rostered to work on a Sunday evening.
However, The Reject Shop is required to take
into consideration any commitments an existing
team member has, if rostering them to work after
6.00pm on a Sunday.

Maximum Shift Lengths

The proposed Agreement provides that a team
member may be rostered up to 11 hours once per
week, and up to 9 hours on other shifts. This is a
change from the current Agreement, which allows
10.5 hour shifts up to 3 times a fortnight.


Removal of Additional Shifts (also called split shifts)

The additional shift provisions for part-time and
casuals have been removed. Hours of work on
any day must be continuous in line with the
requirements in the Retail Award.

Consecutive Days Off

Regular Sunday workers must be rostered to have
3 consecutive days off each 4 weeks, which must
include Saturday and Sunday. A team member may
make a written request for other arrangements

Sporting and other commitments

Under the proposed Agreement The Reject
Shop may take into account sporting and other
significant commitments when changing a roster
subject to operational requirements.
Existing rostering protections will continue to apply
including that the Company will consider a team
member’s family, study and safe transport when
setting rosters.

Voluntary shorter shifts for learning

The maximum number of shorter training shifts
has been reduced from 12 per year to 6 per year.
Attendance at these training shifts is voluntary.

Limited Tenure

Team members will have the ability to work back
to back limited tenure contracts for the purpose of
covering parental leave.

The proposed Reject Shop Agreement protects many of the superior conditions won by SDA union members including:

View the full proposed Reject Shop Agreement here. See a full comparison between the proposed Agreement and the General Retail Industry Award here.

Voting on the proposed agreement will occur online via:

From: Monday 5 November 2018
To: Monday 12 November 2018

You will be sent instructions on how to vote via email or sms.

Make sure you have your say!

Not an SDA member?