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Securing better pay and conditions at The Reject Shop

The proposed new The Reject Shop Agreement has now been finalised.

It’s time to have your say and vote on whether or not to accept it. To help, we’ve put together a comprehensive summary of the new Agreement, which you can read below.

Voting YES will help to ensure your pay and conditions are improved over the next few years.

Key improvements for Reject Shop team members include:

  • Locked in wage increases which take effect from 1 July each year
  • Additional annual leave: one additional day to accrue from 1 July 2025 and a second additional day from 22 June 2026
  • Fixed contract hours which include set days and times of work

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your say about your pay and conditions.

If there is a majority yes vote, the proposed Agreement will go to the Fair Work Commission for approval.

The SDA will continue to keep all SDA members updated throughout this process.

Click here to read the full summary on the proposed new Reject Shop Agreement.

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