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How will penalty rate cuts impact you?

Sunday penalty rates will be reduced again on 1 July 2019 in line with the Fair Work Commission’s decision.

For work on Sundays the cuts are made to the following Modern Awards in the retail, fast food and pharmacy industries:

Retail Award
Permanent: 180% reduced to 165%
Casual: 185% reduced to 175%

Fast Food Award
Permanent: 135% reduced to 125%
Casual: 160% reduced to 150%

Pharmacy Award 
Permanent: 180% reduced to 165%
Casual: 205% reduced to 190%

The reduction to Sunday penalty rates have been phased in each year since the Fair Work Commission’s ruling in 2017. The final reduction to penalty rates will be on 1 July 2020.

If you are covered by an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement instead of a Modern Award, these reductions may also apply. It is important to check your Agreement to find out.

The SDA, the union for retail and fast food workers, opposed these cuts to penalty rates every step of the way.

This included appealing the decision in the Federal Court with the hospitality workers union, United Voice, but unfortunately the challenge was unsuccessful.

The SDA continues to campaign to protect penalty rates as fair compensation for working unsociable hours.

Help our campaign to keep protecting penalty rates. Share your story.

  • What will you or your family have to give up because of these cuts? How are you managing with the rising cost of living?
  • Do you give the SDA permission for the SDA to share your first name and story in online and print materials for the campaign to protect penalty rates?