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Important Information for Bunnings Workers

New proposed Bunnings Agreement set to secure big wins for Bunnings workers

Following weeks of negotiations, the SDA and Bunnings are close to finalising a proposal on a new Bunnings Enterprise Agreement which includes regular pay rises over the next 3 years.

This proposal includes significant wins for Bunnings workers and secures many rights and entitlements SDA members called for throughout the bargaining process.

Later this week, SDA Delegates from Bunnings stores across the country will meet to consider the proposal. If endorsed by Delegates, the SDA will be recommending a yes vote on an offer to be put to workers very soon.

This proposal achieves:

1.     Better hours of work including:

  • Removal of the Bank of Hours
  • All extra hours of work will be paid (no bank system)
  • Introduction of 19 day 4-week roster for full time team members
  • Trial of 4-day work week for Full time team members
  • Superior rostering conditions

2.     Pay Increases

  • Locked in wage increase of 10.8% over the life of the Agreement.
  • Increased penalty rates on early weekday mornings and evening and all-day Saturday

3.     More time off:

  • Removal of the rule requiring a minimum 5 Public Holidays to be worked
  • Increasing your annual leave accrual to 5 weeks per year

The proposal also locks in important entitlements Bunnings are honouring that are not in the 2013 Agreement, such as:

  • Adult rates of pay at 18
  • Other increased penalty rates during the week

Once the proposal is finalised, a proposed Agreement will be put to all Bunnings workers, and you will be provided with all the relevant information to make an informed decision before voting.

Remember, no proposed Bunnings Agreement can be put in place without a vote of all employees. You will have the final say when it comes to any new Bunnings Agreement.

We will continue to update all members throughout this process and will provide further information and resources.

The SDA has worked hard to secure for Bunnings workers a strong set of wages and conditions and we look forward to providing you even more information very soon.

Keep an eye out here for updated information.

SDA Delegates across the country have endorsed Bunnings’ proposal for a new Agreement.

It’s important for all Bunnings workers to now consider the proposal so you can make an informed decision when it’s time to vote.

The SDA is encouraging Bunnings workers to vote yes to secure significant improvements to the pay and conditions at Bunnings.


SDA Organisers will be out in stores over the coming weeks with detailed information and to answer any questions you may have.

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