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Support our campaign for 5 Weeks Annual Leave

The SDA is calling for 5 weeks annual leave at a range of major employers.

Retail working hours and work expectations have changed significantly in the past decade.

But annual leave entitlements haven’t kept up, with the minimum standard not increasing nationally since unions won 4 weeks as the standard in the 1970s.

We know that time off from work is important. Over the past 15 years, all the productivity gains have gone to profits, it’s about time we got something back.

Whether it’s for caring responsibilities, study or just to take time off – it’s time for this to reflect workers’ needs and that means receiving 5 weeks of annual leave each year.

So far in 2023, we’ve won 5 weeks annual leave in new EBAs with IKEA and Bunnings and an extra 5 days of special leave at Apple – and we’ve made it clear that other major employers need to do the same.