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COVID-19: Health & Safety for Fast Food Workers

SDA calls for ALL Fast Food Operators to put health & safety measures in place to protect you. Your safety must come first. Your health must not be put at risk during this time. The SDA is engaging with major companies on arrangements to be put in place to keep workers safe during the pandemic and in the transition back to full…


The SDA has been engaging Coles, the Federal Attorney General’s Office and the Department of Health on important health and safety issues for Coles members. The SDA is pleased that our work has seen Coles now introduce additional measures. These build on improved procedures the SDA reported to members last week including: customers being required…

Remember to keep cool and show respect for local retail workers: SDA Union

Media release | 17 March 2020 The union representing retail workers, including supermarket workers, has called on the local community to remember to keep their cool and respect workers when hitting the shops over the coming days and weeks. SDA – the union for retail, fast-food and warehouse workers – National Secretary, Gerard Dwyer, said…

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