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Abusive and violent customer behaviour towards retail & fast food workers is a workplace health and safety issue.

Sick of seeing your work mates upset from abusive or violent customers?

During Safety Demands Action Week in August this year, we’re encouraging retail and fast food workers to report incidents. Take the pledge to report all incidents in your store.

Reporting incidents creates a record of the abuse so we can push for better protections to make your store safer. If you don’t report it – it’s like it never happened.

When someone gets injured at work, you report it. If you were to slip from a spill on the floor at the work, you would report it. If you were burned by hot oil, you would make a report.

Being on the receiving end of abusive or violent behaviour is a safety hazard. It can have a serious impact on your mental and physical health.

That’s why you should report it. For you and for your work mates.

“I will report all incidents of abuse and violence because I want action taken for a safer store”

Take the pledge to report abuse and sign up to the campaign below.

Reporting is essential for a safer store

Many retail and fast food workers think abuse is just part of the job. But this is wrong.

It is a serious health and safety issue that can impact your mental and physical health. Your employer has a duty to provide a safe working environment. Being abused at work is a safety issue – just like slipping on a spill or a burn with hot oil.

We need workers to report incidents so there’s a record of it happening when we approach employers about putting in place better protections for you.

If there are no reports of abusive or violent customers, they could just turn around and say ‘no it doesn’t happen here’, which makes any change for a safer store more difficult.

The process for reporting health and safety issues such as abusive and violent customer behaviour is different depending on your employer and your store.

Find out the correct procedure in your store and when an incident occurs report it to your supervisor.

You should also report it to your SDA Health & Safety Rep or Delegate/Shop Steward and your Health & Safety Committee if your store has one.

Remember, you’re not alone. If you’re reporting incidents but don’t feel like you’re being appropriately supported, get in touch with the SDA for help.

Yes. You can report it any safety issue or hazard that you see or experience, even if it doesn’t happen to you directly.

Regular abusive behaviour from customers can impact on your mental health.

If you need immediate help, contact the following organisations for professional help.

13 11 14 

Beyond Blue
1300 22 4636

SDA members are campaigning to stop abusive and violent customer behaviour in every state and territory in Australia.

It’s an ongoing campaign targeting customers to change their behaviour and build better protections for workers.

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The customer is not always right.
Abuse shouldn’t be in a day’s work.
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