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Unions win wage increase for essential workers

The Fair Work Commission has handed down the Annual Wage Review decision.

There will be a 2.5% increase to the minimum wage and Awards. This increase will flow on to most SDA members.

Unfortunately, the Commission has again unfairly decided to delay the increase for retail workers until 1 September this year. This is unacceptable and the SDA will be pushing for every major retail employer to pay this increase from 1 July.

SDA members have campaigned and won this wage increase, despite business lobby groups calling for a wage freeze.

SDA members should be proud for campaigning and winning a pay rise – thank you for your support.

Our work continues – we need to ensure that employers pass on this wage increase to their workers on 1 July.

Thank you to those who supported the SDA’s campaign for a pay rise for essential workers.

By supporting our campaign, you have helped deliver a 2.5% wage increase for millions of workers across the country – despite employer lobby groups doing their best to stop it.

Our essential pay rise petition has over 9.2k supporters and helped the SDA and Australians Unions demonstrate why essential workers deserve this pay rise.

This union win is a clear example of how important it is to stand to together to campaign for better pay and conditions in your workplace.

The SDA will continue to keep all members up to date with information about their pay and conditions.

The Fair Work Commission decision by industry: 
General Retail Industry Award – 2.5% on 1 September 2021
Fast Food Industry Award – 2.5% on 1 July 2021
Pharmacy Industry Award – 2.5% on 1 July 2021
Storage Services Award – 2.5% on 1 July 2021
Hair and Beauty Industry Award – 2.5% on 1 November 2021


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Essential workers deserve a pay rise!

Last year, the Fair Work Commission unfairly delayed the Annual Wage Review for essential workers in the retail and fast food industries.

While the SDA was successful in our campaign to bring forward the pay rise for the majority of SDA members, many employers did not agree.

This year, the pay increase determined by the Fair Work Commission cannot be delayed again as it is extremely unfair for essential workers who have worked tirelessly on the front line of the pandemic.

As with every year, the SDA and Australian Unions will again be arguing for a fair pay rise for SDA members.

Not only is it essential for essential workers to receive a pay rise to keep up with rising cost of living but it is critical for the Australian economy too – the more money workers have to spend, the more they can spend in local businesses to help boost the economy.

To help the SDA in our efforts to secure a wage increase, please support our pay rise campaign.

SDA files submission for wage increase to Annual Wage Review

Every year the trade union movement argues for a fair pay rise for Australians in the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review.

The SDA supports the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) submission this year calling for a 3.5% or $25.38 per week increase to the minimum wage.

The SDA has also filed a submission to the Fair Work Commission outlining our arguments for a pay rise.

SDA members are essential workers working across retail, fast food, warehousing and pharmacy – it is crucial for you to receive an increase to your pay.

The SDA strongly believes:

  • Essential workers should be recognised for their hard work over the last 12 months which kept the country running, despite risks to their health & safety
  • Last year the Fair Work Commission delayed the pay rise for retail & fast food workers – this was extremely unfair and cannot happen again.
  • Australia needs a boost to the economy to help recover from the pandemic and providing workers with a fair wage increase means they have more money to spend in local businesses

Our submission included feedback from SDA members who responded to our pay rise survey. Click here to read the SDA’s full submission.

This increase to the minimum wage will also apply to Awards which flow onto many SDA-negotiated Agreements.

The Annual Wage Review decision is expected to be handed down in late May or early June this year before taking affect from 1 July.

As with every year, the SDA and the Australian Union movement is fighting to secure the pay rise you deserve.

This is in stark comparison to employer lobby groups who are arguing for minimal or no increases at all.

That’s why it’s important for SDA union members to support our efforts to win a pay rise.

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