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Important information for Coles nightfill members

Coles changes to nightfill “shape” does not entitle them to cut shift lengths

The SDA has been made aware of Coles changing the Grocery and Dairy department “shape” after reviewing ‘filling’ patterns in its stores. This means Coles is reviewing how nightfill shifts align with delivery arrivals at the store and customer trade patterns.

Members have informed us that Coles wants to implement 3 hour “fill windows” to align with the new “shape”.

The fill window does not determine the length of your shift as Coles team members can work in different departments and parts of the store. That means if the fill window is 3 hours it does not mean your shift should be limited to 3 hours. Other tasks can be done in the other hour of your 4 hour shift.

Retain 4 hour shifts
The SDA’s position is that existing permanent team members on 4 hour shifts should retain their current 4 hour shift lengths regardless of the new change to the 3 hour fill windows. It may mean other tasks besides the fill are performed during that 4 hour shift, but the 4 hour shift should be maintained.

Regular and systematic casuals who have regularly been doing 4 hour shifts also should not be disadvantaged by changes to the fill window.

The changes may mean that new Coles team members are employed doing 3 hour fill shifts, however existing permanent team members on 4 hour shifts should retain their current 4 hour shift lengths.

Coles cannot change rosters to avoid any applicable benefits, including the rest break on a 4 hour shift for existing employees. This provision was expressly negotiated into your new Coles Agreement by the SDA to protect 4 hour shifts.

A permanent team members’ contracted hours cannot be reduced.

Coles must consult on any roster changes

You should be aware that under the new Coles Supermarket Agreement, the Company is required to discuss any major workplace change and changes to rosters or hours of work with the team member or team members affected. The Company must give consideration to any views given by the team member(s) of the impact of any proposed change (including any impact to family or caring or study responsibilities). This is a major improvement to the Coles Supermarket Agreement.

Contact the SDA for any issues

We will pursue these issues under the Grievance Procedure for members.

Know your rights on rosters in Coles to ensure you keep the fairest roster.

If you have any concerns or issues arising from these changes,
ask your SDA Delegate or Organiser or call the SDA.

Contact Your Local Branch