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Securing a new Best & Less Agreement for improved pay and conditions

SDA & Best & Less to bargain for new Best & Less Agreement

Your pay and conditions are set out by the Best and Less Enterprise Agreement 2018 which has nominally expired.

The Albanese Government recently passed the Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill in Federal Parliament which aims to make bargaining for new agreements easier.

In good news for Best & Less members, the SDA has initiated the bargaining process with Best & Less.

This is a positive step towards securing improvements to your pay and conditions over the next few years.

The SDA is committed to a thorough bargaining process and the first step is surveying all SDA members at Best & Less about the workplace issues that matter to you and engaging SDA Delegates across the country.

It’s incredibly important that you have a say before any negotiations begin and we will take your feedback from the survey to form a log of claims to take to the Company.

Once a log of claims is finalised, negotiation meetings with Best & Less will begin.

Remember, you have the final say in any new Agreement which would be put to Best & Less workers in a nationwide ballot. No new Agreement can be put in place without a majority yes vote in a ballot.

As part of bargaining, you should receive a Notice of Employee Representational Rights (NERR) – the SDA is your union and will represent you in negotiations.

As an SDA member, we ask for your support as we look to start bargaining to ensure we can secure important improvements to your pay and conditions.

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