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A new smartphone app for SDA members at Coles Supermarkets!

Ask SDA is an information app where you can ask questions about workplace rights and conditions set out in your Enterprise Bargaining Agreement, policies or legislation.

It’s helpful for when you don’t have enough time to read through the Coles Supermarkets Agreement or might be finding it confusing.

Ask SDA will give you a quick, accurate and easy to understand answer when you need it.

You might want to check what breaks you should be getting or what penalty rates you’re entitled to but it’s late at night or you’re not able to give the SDA a call.

The answers are specific to your employment whether you’re casual or permanent or a store team member or service supervisor, so you know you’re getting the right answer.

You can read through what questions other members have asked too and see the answers to common questions.

It’s just another way the SDA helps you stay informed about your workplace rights and conditions anytime, anywhere.