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Month: March 2019

Noni B must urgently clean up its act on workplace practices

The SDA, the union for workers retail, fast food and warehousing has called on the Noni B Group to urgently clean up its act on workplace practices after the union received a multitude of complaints from aggrieved employees. The Noni B Group operates fashion chains Noni B, Autograph, Crossroads, Katies, Millers, Rivers, Rockmans, W Lane,…

New Big W agreement receives 92% yes vote

Big W workers have delivered an overwhelming 92% yes vote in favour of a new enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) that delivers pay rises for all workers, improves penalty rates, secures hard-won SDA conditions and delivers a comprehensive range of improved conditions. The ballot, which closed yesterday saw almost 70% (11,019) of Big W workers turn…

Change The Rules for working women

Why the rules need to change for working women

The union movement is, as it always has been, at the forefront of ensuring women get a fair go at work. The SDA has always played an active role to win equal pay for women, to end workplace sexual harassment and to ensure gender equality in…

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