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Your Safety Demands Action – No One Deserves A Serve

Safety Demands Action Week is here!

Throughout the week, the SDA will be focusing on your safety and how abusive and violent customer behaviour is one of the most important workplace health and safety issues that needs to be addressed.

Since the SDA launched our No One Deserves A Serve campaign, we have made really important progress creating awareness and bringing employers and industry groups to the table to address this issue.

Click here to see of key actions we’ve taken to start addressing this issue.

Now we need to ramp things up because we know that  creating change to stop this behaviour won’t happen overnight.

We’re calling on employers to take a zero tolerance approach to abusive and violent behaviour and to back you up and support you when it happens and provide appropriate methods to report incidents.

For the last few months, we’ve been asking employers to put their name to:

  • Support the eradication of customer disrespect, abuse and violence
  • Positively and publicly promote and support respect and dignity for retail and fast food workers
  • Encourage and facilitate reporting of customer perpetrated abuse and violence, including sexual harassment

It isn’t part of the job – if action is not taken, your physical and mental health may be impacted in the long term. We need you to sign up too.

Sign your name to support your employer being part of industry wide change to eliminate customer abuse and violence. Support safer workplaces for retail and fast food workers now.

SDA union members help us to continue to campaign on this issue to make your workplace safer. Keep an eye out for us in your store over the next week!

Thank you for your support!