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Woolworths Underpayments – A National Workplace Epidemic

23 February 2022

Quotes from Gerard Dwyer, National Secretary the SDA the union for retail, fast food warehouse and online retail workers: 

“The SDA is disappointed that once again we are dealing with a remediation issue for a major employer.

“Here we have an employer undertaking to backpay employees after identifying a payroll error, but what action is the Federal Government taking to ensure all Australian workers are being paid properly?

“It is a further wake-up call to corporate Australia to undertake regular payroll reconciliations to ensure 100 percent compliance and to invest in 21st Century payroll systems.

“Too many businesses continue to run a wage theft and super theft business model whilst the Morrison Government sits on its hands and refuses to re-instate the powers of industry unions to conduct wage book spot-checks.

“Australia did not have an epidemic of underpayments across the economy until John Howard removed the right of trade unions to spot check company payrolls.

“It was effective, cost taxpayers and companies nothing as well as avoiding embarrassment to shareholders.

“It should be restored immediately.

“Responsible businesses would have nothing to fear from restoration of such powers and those employers systematically underpaying employees would be held to account.

“It would benefit workers, companies and the economy.”


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