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WIN for Target members – SDA welcomes new signs calling for respect from customers

In a big win for Target workers, new signs are rolling out nationally in Target stores to remind customers to treat staff with respect.

Store signage is an important measure to prevent abuse from customers that the SDA has been calling for as part of our No One Deserves A Serve campaign which works to bring the retail industry together to eliminate abuse from customers.

The SDA welcomes this important recognition by Target that abusive and violent customer behaviour must be eradicated as they take steps to positively and publicly promote and support a culture of respect and dignity for workers.

Abuse and violence from customers is one of the top health and safety issues facing retail and fast food workers and it has serious impacts on their physical and mental health.

Last year, the SDA pressed employers from across the retail and fast food industries to commit to taking proactive steps to eliminate abuse from customers and to protect workers.

A range of employers signed the industry statement, including Target.

We’re pleased Target will be using these signs across the country.

While there is much more work to do, this is a significant win for workers that is only possible because of SDA union members who push for safer workplaces.

The SDA’s No One Deserves A Serve campaign was launched in 2017 following research conducted by the union showing over 85% of retail and fast food workers had been abused by a customer.