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Warehouse Win: Up to $10 million in backpay for ALDI DC workers


The SDA has won a Federal Court case against ALDI for underpayments of members working in ALDI Distribution Centres across Australia. ALDI DC workers stand to share in around $10 million in underpayments being returned to them.

ALDI required employees in their distribution centres to clock-on prior to their rostered start time to undertake what ALDI described as, “pre-work” duties, but refused to pay employees for this time.

You must be paid for ALL time worked – and the SDA demanded members be paid for doing any “pre-work duties”.

ALDI “pre-work” duties included:

• walking to a materials handling equipment area
• locating and then undertaking various safety checks on stock pickers
• driving the stock picker some distance to a central location
• picking up and checking a communication device
• picking up various items like pallet wraps and markers
• recording various administrative matters on a sign in sheet and
• undertaking a group physical warm up and a toolbox talk

ALDI had refused to pay employees for doing these tasks but this Federal Court decision means Aldi must pay its workers properly. A process to calculate individual back pay amounts for SDA members will be worked through.

If you’re impacted by this decision, please contact the SDA.

The SDA is also seeking ALDI be ordered to pay penalties for its breaches of the Fair Work Act 2009. The Federal Court is yet to determine the penalty payable.

This is yet another unacceptable example of a large employer underpaying workers with the SDA having to take the issue all the way to Federal Court.
10 minutes before each shift adds up over time – and now ALDI owes up to $10 million in unpaid wages to workers.

You should regularly check your pay slips to ensure you are being paid for all time worked.

The SDA’s ongoing vigilance when it comes to ensuring you’re receiving the correct wages is another reminder to make sure you and your work mates are members of the SDA. You can join here.