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Wage justice for junior workers – the SDA welcomes Fair Work Commission decision

Quotes from Gerard Dwyer, National Secretary the SDA the union for retail,  fast food, warehouse and online retail workers

The Fair Work Commission today handed down a decision on an application from the SDA, deciding that junior rates will no longer apply to workers at level 4 and above subject to the General Retail Award

This is a big win for the SDA and more importantly for young workers in the retail sector.

This mean that thousands of young workers will now earn the full adult rate of pay.

The previous arrangements discriminated against both adult and junior workers.

Junior employees could be favoured over adults because of the lower rates. On the other hand, it discriminated against junior workers because they were doing the work of an adult and getting a lower rate of pay.

This is another important step in securing fair pay for “so called” junior employees and builds on the success the SDA has had in getting the adult rate paid at 20 years of age as opposed to 21.

Young workers are an important part of the Australian workforce and the SDA will continue to fight for their rights and fair treatment at work.

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