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“Thank you all SDA members!

Everyone worked really hard to achieve the same goal, to provide Australians with the essential items. So proud of you all!”

– Hung


“THANK YOU for your courage in turning up to work, for your resilience in the face of frightened insensitive customers and your great modelling of how everyone should be treating others!”

– Vicki


“Thank you for your hard work and supporting the community in this hard time.”

–  Shayesta


“Thank you to all of you in retail on the frontline everyday. You truly are the heroes who have kept the country going. As scared and anxious we all have been we never once stopped. For this I thank you for standing united as one!”

– Michelle


“Thank you for helping others, even amidst your own challenges!”

– Dana


“A special thank you to all the retail workers and fuel service attendants for your tireless work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of you all just get in and get the job done with minimum fuss…. our unsung heroes.

Great job and well done!”

– Liz


“Thank you for keeping the shelves full so I could keep my family fed.”

– Luke


“We all think of nurses, doctors, emergency services workers as being the essential workers, but you have kept the economy going, kept people fed and have done so without complaint. Congratulations!”

– Matt


“I would love to thank all my Shop Stewards throughout the Northern Gold Coast Area for all the hard work and support they have shown their fellow team members during COVID-19. As always, we appreciate everything you do.”

– Naomi


“I want to thank all the SDA workers for doing a wonderful job, not only during this crisis but all the time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Barbara


“Thank You to our AMAZING Union Delegate Fiona Scott from Swansea Coles. She is relentless and is continuing to work tirelessly to ensure that our workplace is a SAFE PLACE to work – particularly during these trying times of the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

– Julia


“Thanks for caring to all the team at Coles Burnie along with all the other teams throughout all the Coles stores whilst this has been happening. ‘We ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER’ has shone through all the stores and all the teams. So, we should all say thanks.”

– Isabell


“Thank you to Kirsty Taylor – our front-end supervisor, who has been amazing during this pandemic. She looks after us like we are more than just staff she manages. She treats us more like family and we appreciate all her hard work everyday not just during this COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you Kirsty, from all the front-end staff at marketplace Woolworths Mount Gambier.”

– Rhiannon


“I’d like to thank Campbell of SCONE WOOLWORTHS.

He was on a checkout the other day and I appreciated the responses he was able to give me on certain products. He was happy and smiling. I would like to thank him for doing everything he was able to. We need more people like him.”

– Mark


“Thank you to all the staff and management at Woolworths Tuggerah for coming together in this very stressful time. We had many days where you didn’t think you could get through it – the anxiety of social distancing, the toilet paper saga and the necessary items you couldn’t purchase, all payed its toll on staff.”

– Robyn


“Thank you for having a lovely smile and   good Customer Service at our local Woolworths store.”

– Hana


“Thank you to Corrine and Robyn for being there for our team.”

– Kathy


“Thank you to Charmaine for keeping us updated on all the information about job keeper when we were closed. Charmaine did it in her own time without hesitation even though she was in the same boat as we were. Some days it felt like a sinking ship, but a life buoy was thrown to us… thank you Charmaine.”

– Jennifer

“Thank you for your efforts with keeping me safe.”

– Abigail


“Thank you Michelle Fraser, for having our backs during this scary time in our lives. We all needed your guidance and you were always there to listen to our concerns and reassure us. Thank you for always being there.”

– Prinella


“Thank you for your essential service. As retailers we play a vital role but are often missed ahead of doctors, nurses and first responders. We are also on the front lines, putting ourselves and our family at risk. Well done to all of you. Take care of yourselves both physically and mentally and stay safe!”

– Tracey


“Thanks for battling through the tough times everyone.”

– Tyla


“I would like to thank all the staff at Rivers Tuggerah for all their support over the past, present and future.

We have a great team. I couldn’t do it without them.”

– Carol


“Thank you Fiona Scott for going above and beyond for your team!”

– Natalie


“I’d like to take a moment to thank my dearest co-worker Isobella Szczerbanik. She has been my anchor this entire time during the COVID-19 outbreak. Always there to help me stay cool, calm and collected when work isn’t easy. She is an outstanding member of the SDA and I’d like to thank her for being the one colleague I can count on in tough times!”

– Zachary


“Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Woolworths Nundah for your hard work during the pandemic.

Your community appreciate you very much!”

– Glenda


“I would like to thank the servo workers; we have not been given credit for what we do. No, we don’t work at the supermarket or a hospital, but we are your essential workers.”

– Lenora


“After the long weekend in Victoria, I just wanted to say thank you to all the regional retail workers who welcomed folks back to their towns. I bought some hats, cardigans and fresh produce. It was really great!”

– Helen



–  Tammy


“Thank you to all the workers at Joondalup Woolworth who kept on doing their jobs while it was a tough time with a smile on your faces.”

–  Lynn


“A very special thank you to Lisa Timmins who works at KFC Albany Creek. You are doing an amazing job working through the pandemic. Definitely an Essential Worker!”

– Glenda


“Thanks for your continuous support to bring all necessary and timely issues towards Government and management for the betterment of our working conditions.”

–  Ajay


“SDA members have put in an extraordinary effort during incredibly difficult circumstances. Anyone who has been paying attention would already know that these workers are essential, but this pandemic has made that fact crystal clear!”

–  Jordan

“Thank you to Christian for helping me through a very serious case at work and for making me safe and happy again at work. Thank you for focusing on me and staying in contact when I need it most.”

– Isabella


“Thank you everyone. We all should be proud that we stood tall and kept working. The amount of abuse and anger we copped; no one deserved that. Well done everyone.”

–  Mari


“To all the retail workers across Australia; you have shown what it is to be Australian and to look after other in a time of crisis – THANKS.”

–  Darryn


Thank an SDA Member