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Thank An SDA Member

SDA members have been, and continue to be, on the frontline of this health crisis.

They have been working around the clock to ensure that Australians have access to essential items.

They work in supermarkets, department stores, fast food restaurants, pharmacies, hairdressing salons, service stations and warehouses.

They stock shelves, they serve us food, they sell us fuel, and they pick and distribute tonnes of stock. They provide much needed medicine, sage advice and are always keen to help.

They do all this with a smile.

But SDA members are facing the same strains as everyone else.

Their smiles cover worries about their health, worries about their family, and worries about the uncertainty that COVID-19 has created.

Yet still they go to work, they serve, and they ensure that society can function.

Help us celebrate the outstanding leadership that our members have shown throughout the Coronavirus period by sharing your message of thanks below.

You can thank someone you know, like a colleague or family member or someone who serves you regularly at your local store.

Or you can thank all retail and fast food workers at large, spreading your thanks to the thousands of members across these industries.

The essential roles that SDA members play deserve our appreciation.

They deserve our respect.

They deserve our thanks.

Thank an SDA Member

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