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MEDIA RELEASE | Super on paid parental leave – another step to gender equality

The SDA welcomes the Albanese government’s announcement that it will pay superannuation on government funded paid parental leave from July 1st 2025.


As a union representing a large number of women, many of them lower paid, the SDA has been fighting for this initiative for several years.

It will improve gender equality for tens of thousands of women.

Women currently retire with far less superannuation than men and this will be another step to enable them to enjoy a secure retirement.

From July 1st 2025, the government will pay 12 percent superannuation on top of Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave to those families who take such leave to care for their newborns.

More than 180,000 women receive the payment annually.

Quote from Julia Fox, National Assistant Secretary:
This is a step of real value to women, overcoming a historical inequity and improving the prospects for thousands of our members to enjoy a dignified retirement.

Quote from Gerard Dwyer, National Secretary the SDA:
“This is another sign that this government means what it says when it talks about its commitment to gender equality.
“It is not just a matter of words but action.”

Quote from SDA Delegate Sam:
“My children have now started school so I won’t benefit from this initiative but I have been active in this campaign for those women who will come after me.
“They shouldn’t be disadvantaged in the way women my age were – this is a great step forward for Australian mothers and families.”

Contact: Jim Middleton 0418 627066