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Proposed tax cuts – all SDA members benefit

1.2 million retail, warehousing and fast food workers better off under responsible tax cut proposal

What is the new tax cut proposal?

Under the Albanese Government proposal, from 1 July this year all tax payers will receive a tax cut.

This is a change from legislated tax cuts put in place by the previous Government which did not provide a tax cut for all workers.

Now 1.271 million workers across retail, warehousing and fast food will receive a tax cut if the proposal is put in place, according to the McKell Institute.

The SDA welcomes this responsible and considered proposal which would leave all SDA members better off – it is the right thing to do for workers and the economy.

Why are the tax cuts changing?

Australia is facing a cost-of-living crisis and we know all hard working retail, warehousing and fast food workers are feeling the pressure.

These proposed tax cuts are a response to changing economic circumstances which is causing serious financial pressure for Australians across the country.

The proposal will help put more money back in the pockets of workers and provide some urgently needed relief.

What happens now?

In order for these proposed cuts to come into effect on 1 July this year, they must be legislated and pass through Parliament. The SDA will be calling on all MP’s and Senators to support these tax cuts.

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