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Support a pay rise for essential retail workers on 1 July

They served us at the supermarket when we needed them.
Made sure we got our petrol when we needed it.
Made our meals, organised our deliveries, and kept us healthy and safe.

We couldn’t have gotten through the pandemic without essential retail and fast food workers. We needed them.

Now, with the cost of living rising so fast, these essential workers need a decent pay rise on 1 July.

They can’t afford to wait again.

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Essential retail & fast food workers need a pay rise on 1 July this year.

Every year the SDA and Australian Unions argue for fair and decent pay rises in the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review.

The SDA runs strong campaigns to lift wages because SDA members are essential workers who deserve pay rises that keep up with the cost of living.

What Happened Last Year?

The SDA argued for a fair wage rise in the Fair Work Commission and at the same time hundreds of new members joined the SDA to show their support for a fair pay rise.

Many employer groups argued to delay pay rises or only have small pay rises.

The retail and fast food employer groups only wanted pay rises of 0 – 1.1%.

The SDA argued for a 3.5% pay rise.

We won a pay rise of 2.5% last year. The SDA campaign put an extra $250 million into shop workers pockets last year.

Without continued campaigning from the SDA and SDA members, employer lobby groups will continue to call for minimal or no increases at all. We need to make sure that does not happen.

In 2022, we need your help as we campaign for a pay rise without delay. If you work in retail, fast food, pharmacy or warehousing take this survey to help provide valuable feedback we can use in our arguments to win a pay rise.

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