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What parents of fast food & retail workers need to know

Being a member of the SDA is the best workplace protection.

As the union for retail, fast food and warehousing workers, the SDA fights for pay rises, meal breaks, rostering rights and all other workplace conditions on behalf of workers.

The SDA also leads the way in fighting for industry-wide changes.

We’re currently campaigning to eliminate customer abuse and violence and calling on all employers to introduce policies to prevent customer abuse and protect workers.

We understand that you might have some concerns when your child begins work.

If something goes wrong in your child’s workplace, we’re here to help and offer support or advice – no matter how big or small it may seem.

If you have any queries about the SDA or want to discuss your child’s wages or entitlements, give the SDA a call and an experienced SDA Union Official will help you.

SDA membership is real value for money and provides your child with important workplace protections, legal advice, hundreds of discounts and cheap movie tickets.

Your child shouldn’t go to work without it.

What is the SDA?

The SDA is one of Australia’s largest unions with over 200,000 members in retail, fast food and warehousing. The SDA has a proven track record of working cooperatively with employers to make sure your child gets a fair go in the workplace.

The SDA’s core business is pushing for better pay and conditions for employees from the restaurant floor to the Fair Work Commission.

If you have any questions, our network of Organisers, Delegates, expert Case Managers and Lawyers are on hand to help.

SDA Services

• Free legal advice and representation

• Member Support Hotline

• WorkCover representation

• Workplace Health & Safety services

• Accident Insurance

• Journey Injury Cover

• Ambulance Cover

• Leave Entitlements

• Penalty Rates

• Meal Breaks


SDA fees are modest and charged weekly or fortnightly via direct debit based on average hours worked.

Fees are:

Less than 10 hours a week $4.10/week

10 hours and less than 20 hours a week $7.30/ week

20 hours or more a week $10.20/week

All fees include GST.

The SDA believes that the less you work, the less you should pay in membership fees.

If a member works reduced or no hours in a week, they can freeze their membership fees by contacting their local SDA branch.

Union fees are 100% tax deductible.

If a member files a tax return, they can claim the cost of their fees as a deduction.

We will provide you with a statement of your contributions for the previous financial year at the end of the financial year.

If a member leaves McDonald’s and are no longer working in retail, fast food or warehousing, simply send us an email and fees will be stopped.

If a person joins the SDA and then changes their mind or later decides they do not wish to be a member, they can stop their membership by sending an email to their local SDA branch.

By resigning, the SDA will stop deducting union fees and their membership with the SDA will cease.

We actively encourage young workers to discuss SDA membership with their parents and, of course, we’re happy to take all enquiries from parents about membership or to discuss workplace issues affecting their child.

Parents should note that SDA membership is voluntary and McDonald’s SDA members have a two-week cooling off period. If your child decides they do not want to be a member, they may call us during this time and their membership can be terminated straight away.

Members can leave the SDA at any time – there are no withdrawal fees.

It’s important to remember, however, that all the SDA’s resources and expert advice and support are exclusively for members only.