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Noni B - Important Information on Court Action re: redundancies

Update: 4 April

Today the SDA and the Company have agreed to adjourn the case the before the Federal Court until 2:15pm (WST) on Thursday 11 April 2019. Employees employed under the PGFG – Enterprise Agreement 2013 have been included in the scope of the injunction, and in the interim, employees who have been notified previously, will not be made redundant or redeployed unless an employee writes to the Company, from Friday 5 April onwards, to indicate that the employee wants to accept such an offer.

Even if you have previously responded to the Company’s redundancy communications, you will now be given a fresh choice to ensure that your choice is informed and genuine. The Company has indicated that in the event that people do not want to accept the offer of redundancy or redeployment it will extend the offer to other employees.

Update: 1 April

On Friday 29th March, the SDA commenced proceedings in the Federal Court against Noni B Limited and Noni B Holdings Pty Limited (hereafter referred to jointly as “the Company”) in response to what the SDA says is a failure to properly consult the SDA and employees whose positions the Company is in the process of making redundant (hereafter referred to as “the Decision”).

On Monday 1st April, the SDA obtained a court order restraining the implementation of the Decision until there is a further hearing in the Federal Court before Colvin J in Perth at 2.15pm (AWST) on Thursday 4th April 2019. The court order required that the SDA inform you of the further hearing, which we have hereby done.

We have heard from a number of our members about how the Company has gone about consulting employees in relation to the Decision. If you are willing please complete the fields to provide us with comprehensive information on your experiences and circumstances.

Please note that the information you provide may be used by the SDA for the purpose of pursuing litigation or to discuss with you your industrial interests.

  • If you have any problems uploading your letter please call the SDA for assistance.

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