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New Woolworths Agreement approved by Fair Work Commission

Great news for Woolies workers – new Agreement approved by Fair Work Commission!

New Woolworths Supermarkets Agreement approved by Fair Work Commission The new Woolworths Agreement has now been approved by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). This is an excellent outcome for Woolworths workers who will now have:

* Protected take-home pay;

* Improved penalty rates;

* Hard-won SDA union conditions;

* A pay rise for all.

The new Woolworths Agreement will take effect from 14 January 2019.

Securing the new Agreement locks in your pay and conditions for the next four years. One-off payment As part of the new Woolworths Agreement, eligible Woolworths supermarket employees continuously employed on or before 1 July 2017 will receive the relevant one-off cash payment. This will be paid to employees by the 21 January 2019. Appropriate gift card payments have already been made to eligible employees.

Pay rises
Importantly, Woolworths workers will receive a pay rise from the first full pay period after the commencement of the Agreement and again in July each year.

Under the new Woolworths Agreement, the minimum rates of pay in the Woolworths Agreement will increase at minimum in line with the increase determined by the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review handed down in June each year. The SDA and Australian Unions are working hard to ensure a significant pay increase for workers as the cost of living continues to go up.

New Rights Won
When the new Agreement takes effect, Woolworths workers will have a wide range of new rights:

* Laundry allowance – $1.25 per shift;

* The 20% reduction in part-time hours clause has been removed;

* Right to consultation before roster changes are proposed or made;

* 5 days paid Domestic Violence Leave and 5 days unpaid Domestic Violence Leave;

* A new Casual Conversion clause, made possible by the SDA/ACTU case in the FWC;

* Casual loading of 25%;

* Junior rates only apply to Level 1 jobs;

* Arbitration of workplace disputes.

For more information on improvements in the new Woolworths Agreement, go to

We will keep you updated with more information throughout this process. Remember, the SDA is here to help. If you have any questions call the SDA.