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The SDA – the union for fast food workers – has launched legal action against McDonald’s to pursue back pay for McDonald’s Managers who were required to work unpaid.

The Class Action is alleging that supervisors and managers at Maccas were required to work before and after their rostered shifts for free and were not paid for all time worked.

Being paid for all time worked isn’t optional, it’s the law.

We are seeking McDonald’s and their franchisees, across over 1000 McDonald’s stores in Australia, are required to back pay their managers for requiring them to work for free.

This action covers all shift supervisors, department managers, assistant restaurant managers and restaurant managers who have worked at any McDonald’s store in Australia between December 2017 and December 2023.

All McDonald’s workers employed in managerial roles between December 2017 and December 2023 will automatically be registered to be part of the Class Action.

After Maccas workers reported to us widespread examples of unpaid work, the SDA launched a national investigation, collecting thousands of responses from current and former McDonald’s workers.

The SDA is alleging that McDonald’s did not pay an estimated 25,000 managers and supervisors for all time worked by requiring them to work before and after their rostered shifts for free.

Along with back paying workers, we are asking the court to award penalties against McDonald’s Australia and its operators for this unlawful practice.

Supervisors and managers were required to work unpaid for 30 minutes before their rostered start conducting what is known as a ‘pre-shift check’ and an average of 30 minutes after their rostered shift finished to complete handover tasks.

They were required to perform dozens of tasks listed in documents McDonald’s created and required to not clock on while completing pre-shift tasks.

No. We are obliged to keep your information confidential once registered for the class action. You do not have to tell your employer that you have registered with us and you can’t be disciplined for doing so.

If you feel you’re being disciplined or mistreated for being a union member or taking part in our class action, call 08 8139 1009 or email

While all eligible McDonald’s Managers will be covered by the class action, being a member of your union is the best protection against underpayments and unfair treatment at work.

Thousands of McDonald’s workers across the country are union members and make their workplaces stronger, safer and happier. Make sure to join the SDA today here.

The SDA’s intention in bringing this Class Action is to recover for McDonald’s workers 100% of any underpayments which the Court may find are due to them.

It is important to understand that in a class action the Court must approve all aspects of any settlement or resolution including whether any legal costs (and if so, how much in legal costs) should be paid by the Representative Applicants and group members.