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Working At McDonald's

Thanks to the SDA, McDonald’s workers receive:

  • Better pay and conditions
  • Improved penalty rates
  • Better break entitlements
  • Stronger rostering provisions
  • The right to convert from casual to part time

Your rights

  • All McDonald’s workers are entitled to a PAID 10-minute break for every 4 hours worked.
  • Permanent workers must be consulted about any roster changes.
  • If your shift is cancelled without notice, you should still be paid for at least 3 hours.
  • Full-time workers must be guaranteed 38 hours a week.
  • Part-time workers should have regular hours and work less than 38 hours a week.
  • McDonald’s workers receive an increase in pay in line with the Annual Wage Review on 1 July.
  • Customer abuse and violence should always be reported to your manager and the SDA.

SDA legal action to compensate workers for missed breaks

For many years the SDA was trying to get McDonald’s to do the right thing and provide paid drink breaks to staff.

It’s unfortunate it has come to Federal Court action. But the reality is that most workers weren’t given their breaks and are now owed compensation.

The best way for us to pursue this is via this action- but we continue to call on McDonald’s to take steps to compensate workers who didn’t receive their breaks.

We will be rolling out this action over the coming months- if you haven’t always received your breaks you should get in touch with us.

Information about SDA membership

McDonald’s has decided to stop processing union deductions on your behalf but it’s still easy to be an SDA member.

It’s more crucial than ever that you and your crew have the SDA on your side.

To ensure you are protected at work, you need to switch to Direct Debit or you will no longer be a financial member of the SDA.

Get in touch with your local SDA Branch about how to do this here

SDA fees will be charged weekly or fortnightly via direct debit based on your average weekly hours:

» Less than 10 hours a week $4.10/week

» 10 hours and less than 20 hours a week

» 20 hours or more a week All fees include GST. $7.30/week $10.20/week

If your hours change or you don’t work in a particular week, call your local SDA branch to have your fees stopped temporarily.

Direct Debit membership is private and your employer won’t know you’re a union member.

At the end of the financial year, we will provide you with a statement of your contributions for the previous financial year.

The SDA is available to provide information to parents of McDonald’s about SDA membership and important workpalce rights.

For more information on SDA membership for parents click here.

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