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Proposed Lovisa Agreement 2022

The proposed Lovisa Agreement has received a positive vote from employees.

The positive vote is a good outcome for Lovisa employees as the Agreement will secure a number of superior conditions.

The Agreement will now go to the Fair Work Commission for approval.

The SDA worked hard throughout negotiations to ensure Lovisa workers receive fair pay and working conditions.

Thank you for voting and having a say on your pay and working conditions.

Listed below are the major elements of the proposed Agreement. The SDA supports the proposed Agreement as it improves conditions from both the old Agreement and the Retail Award.


The Proposed Agreement ensures that employees are paid 1% above the relevant Award rates at all times and includes the full range of penalty rates from the Retail award. For example, a level 1 employee will be paid the Award Level 1 rate +1%.

The penalties are as outlined below:

  • Saturday – 125% (150% casuals)
  • Sunday – 150% (175% casuals)
  • Public Holiday – 225% (250% casuals)
  • Monday to Friday 6pm to 11pm – 125% (150% casuals.

Wages will be increased in line with the yearly annual wage review of the Fair Work Commission and will maintain the 1% premium.


All allowances payable under the Award will be paid under the Agreement, with the following allowances specifically named in the Agreement:

  • Meal allowance
  • Transport allowance
  • Special Clothing and Laundry allowance
  • First Aid allowance
  • Higher duties allowance

Part-time employees can provide standing consent to work additional hours if this suits them. This standing consent can be withdrawn at any time and employees can verbally refuse to work hours when offered on any occasion.

If a part-time employee has been regularly and systematically working over 70 hours per 2-week cycle over 6 months, Lovisa will see if it is possible to transfer the employee to full time.

This is superior to the award which requires an employee to regularly work more hours than their guaranteed hours for a period of 12 months before they may request conversion to full time employment.

Part-time employees will be paid overtime for work performed “in excess of the ordinary hours of work, outside the span of hours or roster conditions set out in the working hours clause 4.3 of this enterprise agreement.”

Superannuation is payable on parental leave (including government parental leave payments) under the proposed Agreement.

The SDA has secured 10 days paid domestic violence leave for each employee, and 5 days of unpaid leave per calendar year.

The SDA has secured 5 days paid compassionate leave for all employees upon the death of a parent, partner or child (including stillborn child) of an employee, and 2 days paid compassionate leave upon the death of any other immediate family member or member of the employee’s household.

Immediate family definition has been expanded to include former spouses/partners, in-laws, and step and foster relationships.

Employees are also entitled to 5 days compassionate leave if the employee or the employee’s partner has a miscarriage.

A shift worker will be entitled to an additional week of annual leave each year.

The following protections and clauses from the Award or NES have been incorporated into the Agreement:

  • Individual Flexibility Agreements
  • Consultation for major changes
  • Consultation about rosters or hours of work
  • Termination and Redundancy rights
  • Span of hours
  • Consecutive days of work
  • Minimum shift engagement
  • Maximum daily hours
  • 12-hour break between work periods
  • Annual leave loading of 17.5% or the relevant weekend penalty rates whichever is greater but not both
  • Community service leave
  • Flexible work arrangements


The SDA is the union that best represents and protects the wages and working conditions of all retail employees. If you know any fellow employee who is not currently a member of the SDA, you can help them protect their interests by encouraging them to join the SDA.

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