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Social Media

Be careful of what you upload or write on social media, including on Snapchat and Instagram story.

Workers can face consequences or disciplinary action at work for posting negative comments online about a boss, customer, coworker or the company. Your employer can hold you responsible for what you post online.

Never believe that “what happens online stays online”.

Many companies monitor mentions of their brands on the Internet. You should assume that anything you publish on social media – even snapchats or posts in private facebook groups – can become public knowledge.

Take care of what you write in private chats and in workplace chats/groups to coworkers

  • Don’t smear, threaten or harass managers, coworkers or customers online
  • Never spread malicious rumours or information online – even if you don’t mention the person by their name, management can often identify who you are referring to
  • Anything you post online can be screenshotted and can end up in the hands of managements

If your employer has created an online forum for your workplace on social media (e.g. a Facebook group or chat), you are not required to join if you don’t want to.

It is your employer’s responsibility to provide all necessary information to you through official forums.

  • Take screenshots of any interactions and save them
  • Don’t respond to online bullying in a manner that could be classified as bullying

Many companies now have a social media policy.

Breaching your company’s social media policy can result in disciplinary action – including termination. Check with your manager to find out what your Company’s social media policy says.


If you’re facing disciplinary action or you are being bullied online for something you wrote on social media, call you local SDA Branch for advice and support.

The contact details of your local SDA Branch can be found here.

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