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Improved Parental Leave at Bunnings

Bunnings recently updated their company parental leave policy which includes a range of improvements for workers.

The SDA and its members have been committed to advocating for improvements to parental leave at Bunnings for many years and this is a great outcome for workers.

The new policy will apply to Bunnings workers who take leave from 1 March 2018.

Securing policies such as this helps to strengthen the rights at work for SDA members.

The SDA has a proud history of fighting for the implementation and improvement of parental leave and family-friendly work arrangements.

It is an important issue for members, as many workers in retail, fast food and warehousing are juggling both work and family responsibilities.

Retail workers, in particular women,continue to face challenges when it comes to leave, rostering, and returning to work following the birth of a child.

The new policy as outlined by Bunnings is a positive step and will help to provide a better work environment for new and expecting parents.

The improvements include:

  • 12 weeks paid parental leave – increased from 8 weeks.
  • 12 weeks paid parental leave now payable at the commencement of leave instead of split between the commencement of leave and after returning to work.
  • Increased non-primary carers paid parental leave from 1 week to 2 weeks.


Superannuation payments on parental leave

Another important change in the new policies is the payment of superannuation benefits during both paid and non-paid parental leave periods to all eligible employees.

Superannuation will now be paid during paid parental leave and up to a maximum of nine months if on unpaid parental leave.

This is a massive win for Bunnings employees, as most parental leave policies do not provide for superannuation payments during parental leave, particularly periods of unpaid leave.

It is a critical step in the SDA’s fight to secure fairer wages for everyone and bridge the existing gender gap in superannuation payments.

Remember, being a member of the SDA means more workers can stand up to advocate for better conditions at work.


Why superannuation on parental leave is essential for women

Superannuation is designed to provide all Australians with dignity in retirement.

Unfortunately, the system is unfairly biased against Australian women who presently retire with 47% less superannuation than men.

As a result, women are far more likely to experience poverty in retirement than men and have less financial independence and security when they retire.

Women often take time out of the workforce following the birth of a child and this contributes to the gap in superannuation between men and women.

Going on leave to look after your child should not result in a loss of super for women.

Superannuation payments on parental leave will go some way to ensure that women aren’t left worse off in retirement.

The SDA welcomes the changes made by Bunnings to their policy structure and will continue to advocate for better parental leave policies across all companies.

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