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Important update for Kmart workers

2 September 2019

After a long delay, today the Fair Work Commission decided that it could not approve the proposed Kmart Agreement primarily due to voting technicalities going to who was and wasn’t entitled to vote.

Despite being overwhelmingly supported in a 91.7% yes vote, the Commission believes that some errors were made regarding who was and wasn’t eligible to vote on the proposed EA.

The SDA is extremely disappointed in this decision as the proposed Agreement set out several improvements to your pay and conditions, including pay rises and higher pay rates on weekends and weeknights.

It is the SDA’s priority to continue to work to secure a Kmart Agreement that delivers the best possible outcomes for workers.

The SDA will be entering discussions with Kmart to address this and decide on next steps. We’ll keep you updated.

We understand this delay in securing a new Kmart Agreement is frustrating as it delays protecting and improving your pay and conditions.

At a time when the cost of living continues to rise, it’s vital that your wages do too and you deserve the security and peace of mind about your wages. That’s why the SDA will continue to fight for Kmart workers.

If you have any questions, please contact the SDA.

Read more about the proposed Kmart Agreement here.