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Proposed IKEA Enterprise Agreement 2023

SDA Organisers are out in stores with important information about your pay and conditions in the proposed IKEA Agreement.

Following extensive negotiations between the SDA and IKEA, a proposed new IKEA Agreement is ready for you to consider.

The SDA worked hard to negotiate an improved IKEA Agreement and co-workers will now get to vote on whether to accept the proposed Agreement.

Supporting the proposed IKEA Agreement will help secure:

  • September pay increases
  • Fixed rosters available for permanent co-workers
  • Penalty rates paid on personal and compassionate leave
  • 15 min rest pause for a 4 hour shift
  • 5 weeks annual leave
  • Improved penalty rates
  • Superannuation on unpaid parental leave

Please take the time to read through all the information provided to you so you can make an informed decision about what is best for you when voting begins.

Voting will take place online via Elections Australia from 13 July to 17 July 2023


Remember, you have the final say. No new agreement can be put in place without a majority yes vote.

Keep an eye out for SDA Organisers in your store over the coming weeks and don’t hesitate to ask any questions. You can also direct questions to your SDA Delegate or Shop Steward in your store.

The SDA will keep you updated with information as this process commences, post updates on bargaining and links to materials on this page.

IKEA and the SDA have continued to have productive discussions over various issues throughout bargaining, including better leave entitlements, wage increases and rostering.

The SDA has been pressing for advances to part-time roster conditions and have seen significant progress in securing improvements.

As a part-time co-worker, there will be opportunity to have a roster that gives more certainty to your working times which will provide a greater capacity for employees to balance life outside IKEA.

Discussions have included having more stable and predictable rosters.

It is envisaged that there would be the capacity for the current provisions for part-timers to continue in some circumstances. This will mean there will be a dual part-time rostering system operating in IKEA.

These discussions are ongoing as it is a very different part-time arrangement.

The SDA wants to ensure there is no detriment to co-workers and it is a system that will be sustainable, easy to use and provides real access to predictable rosters.

The SDA is continuing to work towards a win for part-time co-workers in IKEA.

Negotiations between the SDA and IKEA for a new IKEA Agreement have continued over the last month.

Progress has been made in discussions about your roster and leave entitlements which should result in some key and important improvements for many co-workers.

The SDA has been encouraged by the negotiations to date and believes they will lead to an improved IKEA Agreement.

Any new Agreement will be presented to you for a vote.

No Agreement can apply without a positive vote from IKEA co-workers.

The SDA is currently in negotiations with IKEA, bargaining for a new and improved Agreement.

In recent meetings with IKEA, the SDA has presented the claims and concerns of workers to the company and have actively discussed important issues.

Your rosters and leave entitlements have been the key issues discussed in recent meetings and the SDA will push to deliver an appropriate settlement.

Further meetings are scheduled with IKEA where the SDA will continue to press the company on the matters that are important to you.

The SDA is your union and is committed to negotiating a quality Agreement for you.

We will continue to update you as bargaining progresses.

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