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Tell us your story.

Retail, pharmacy, fast food and warehouse workers are working hard to keep Australia running during the coronavirus crisis.

These workers are essential workers on the frontline. They’re managing constantly changing new ways of work, dealing with abusive and violent customers and concerned about health and safety.

Remember, they’re feeling the impacts personally too. If you’re an essential worker working through this crisis, tell us your story.

It’s important to tell your story so we can continue to keep the pressure on to protect your safety and job security and ensure you’re recognised for your hard work on the frontline.

Workers Deserve an Essential Service Payment

Workers working through any shut downs are essential workers, in supermarkets, stores, pharmacies, petrol stations and warehouses.

The SDA is  calling for $5 per hour increase for workers who are providing an essential service during this health crisis.

Our members who are working on the frontline of this crisis deserve to be recognised for their service and any potential risks to their health and safety.

Our members are working around the clock to ensure that Australian families can access the medicine, groceries and essential items they require.

They are working under extremely difficult circumstances.

It’s only fair for their wages to reflect their efforts to keep Australia running during this time.

  • Costco
  • Woolworths
  • Coles
  • The Reject Shop
  • Bunnings Warehouse


And Remember, No One Deserves A Serve...