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Decent work: it’s the SDA’s core business

Decent work means different things to different people but the SDA believes in a number of fundamental principles. These make a genuine difference to the working lives of Australians and in turn, help contribute to better lives outside of work.

Here are four core principles that help create decent work for SDA members:

  1. Wages that keep up with the cost of living: fair pay that actually covers the cost of life and regular, secured pay rises.
  2. Regular, set hours: a predictable roster providing enough hours that fit into your availability and consider your care, studies and commitments outside of work.
  3. Safe workplaces: a safe working environment free from abuse, harassment and hazards and for employers to protect and support you from any incidents.
  4. Supportive conditions: a job that provides access to leave that is critical to life such as parental leave, personal leave and carers leave.

Is your employer committed to decent work?

The United Nations (UN) have Sustainable Development Goals that look to address universal issues such as poverty, education, gender equality and climate action.

Decent Work forms one important part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and many employers across the globe sign on to support these goals. Additionally, many employers sign on to other commitments or principles about decent work.

Sustainability is widely understood when we’re talking to about the environment but it’s not limited to climate action – it’s about work too and how work impacts our lives and the community we live in.

Poor working conditions and low wages can contribute to mental health hazards, homelessness and poverty. That’s why work must be decent.

Work should be sustainable too – workers need to be protected in the same way we look after the environment.

When employers say they support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, they should have a focus on providing decent work for all their employees – but do they in practice?

If an employer is genuinely committed to decent work then they must provide fair wages, regular and consistent hours, safe workplaces and supportive conditions to their employees.

Unions, like the SDA, play a fundamental role in holding employers and companies to account every single day – whether it’s your pay, your leave or breaks.

Decent work means a good job with fair pay which leads to a better life and time to enjoy it.

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