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COVID-19: Health & Safety for Fast Food Workers

SDA calls for ALL Fast Food Operators to put health & safety measures in place to protect you.

Your safety must come first. Your health must not be put at risk during this time.

The SDA is engaging with major companies on arrangements to be put in place to keep workers safe during the pandemic and in the transition back to full operations. We call on all employers to have a Policy which provides Paid Pandemic Leave in order to deal with positive cases and workplace exposures.

Measures the SDA is calling for:

  1. Promote ‘cash free’ and accept card payments only.
  2. Ensure physical distancing measures are enforced, which includes controlling customer numbers and flows, signage and floor markings in customer spaces, all production areas, service areas and employee spaces.
  3. Install plexiglass screens at registers to protect workers who cannot keep at least 1.5 metres from customers.
  4. Ensure appropriate safety measures are in place for staff when delivering orders to customers in the car park.
  5. Only one employee allowed in or at the drive thru window at any time.
  6. Sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content is readily available to all staff and customers.
  7. Ensure regular cleaning and sanitization of high touch areas, workstations, self-serve screens and personal protective equipment.
  8. Provide each worker with their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including headsets, aprons, gloves and masks where requested, and Hi Vis vests.
  9. Increase security to assist with physical distancing measures, and abusive and aggressive customers.
  10. Take a zero tolerance approach to customer violence and abuse and publicly promote the SDA’s No One Deserves A Serve campaign to improve customer behaviour.

We continue to call on the community to show all workers in fast food the respect they deserve during this time, there is no excuse for abuse and violence. If you experience any abuse or violence from a customer, report it.

You can also help by sharing our No One Deserves A Serve ad.

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