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COVID-19: Important information about Masks and Work

If the current health advice in your state or territory recommends wearing mask when you cannot physically distance, the SDA encourages you to wear one at work.


Here is some important information:

Your employer must provide you with a mask to wear at work and should also have a process in place to address:

  • Appropriate training for employees on the use of masks, including how to put on, wear and remove them,
  • Hygiene measures to support the use of masks including access to washing hands and alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  • Changing of masks during shifts depending on the type of mask and the length of the shift
  • The safe disposal of used masks

Your employer must also consider potential abuse and violence from customers about wearing masks and take all necessary measures to prevent this.

It is not your responsibility to enforce any store policies about mandatory masks, employers should have adequate security in place or it should be enforced by police.

The SDA believes that customers without masks and without a lawful exemption should not be allowed entry to a store.

If you are uncomfortable serving a customer without a mask, you can refuse to serve them. Ask your supervisor for help with handling any abusive or violent customers.

Shoppers must do the right thing to help keep workers and the community safe by wearing masks and keeping their distance.

We are encouraging employers to again promote our No One Deserves A Serve campaign to remind customers that there is no excuse for abuse.

Employers must also have measures in place to allow employees who can’t wear a mask for medical reasons to opt out of wearing a mask without adverse consequences.

Regardless of where you are in the country, you can still choose to wear a mask at work and this should be provided by your employer.

The SDA continues to engage with relevant employers to about your safety and new measures around masks.

Get in contact with your local SDA branch if you have any questions or concerns about face masks in the workplace here.

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