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Australia Day 2019


Australia Day Public Holiday 2019

In 2019 Australia Day falls on Saturday 26 January and the public holiday will be substituted for Monday 28 January.

Saturday 26 January is a normal trading day. You may still arrange to have the Saturday off but it may need to be taken as annual leave or unpaid leave.

Check your Enterprise Bargaining Agreement to see what public holiday entitlements for Australia Day apply to you specifically.

For the vast majority of SDA members the public holiday on Monday 28 January is voluntary and you have the right to take time off or if you’re rostered on and choose to work you will receive public holiday penalty rates.

If you are a permanent employee normally rostered to work on Mondays and don’t work that day you will still be paid for your normal rostered shift.

Work is also voluntary for casual employees.

For specific advice and information, contact your local SDA Branch.


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