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The SDA is the Union for Apple Retail Workers

After almost 12 months of bargaining, Apple has negotiated a proposed new Agreement with the SDA, the ASU and other bargaining representatives which the SDA can now endorse and support.

The proposed new Agreement secures a range of improvements to your workplace entitlements.

While the proposed Apple Australia National Enterprise Agreement 2023 (NEA2) does not satisfy all the claims made by the SDA and other bargaining representatives, it’s a significant improvement on the terms and conditions of both NEA1 and the current 2014 Agreement.

The proposed NEA2 is now available for you to consider.

Apple advises you will have an opportunity to have your say on the proposal in a ballot between 18 and 20 August.

SDA Summary of NEA2

This document contains a summary of the rights and entitlements offered by Apple to its Retail employees under the proposed Apple National Enterprise Agreement 2023 (NEA2).

The proposed NEA2 is the result of the second round of negotiations between the SDA, other bargaining representatives and Apple. It follows the fractious first round of negotiations for NEA1, which saw a substandard deal put to Apple employees, and overwhelmingly voted down, in October 2022.

The proposed NEA2 contains significant improvements to Apple employees’ minimum rights and conditions compared to the previous offer.

Whilst it does not address all the claims made by Unions and Bargaining Representatives, NEA2 is superior to both the rejected NEA1 package and the entitlements of Apple employees under the current Apple Retail Enterprise Agreement 2014.

This is a high-level summary of key issues, bit it is not intended to be comprehensive.

Please refer to the proposed Agreement for full detail and don’t hesitate to contact the Union if you have questions.

SDA Summary of NEA2

No One Deserves a Serve

The SDA’s ongoing work against customer abuse and violence towards retail and fast food workers through it’s No One Deserves a Serve campaign is making a difference.

Recently, the SDA undertook a survey of Apple workers in regards to the new enterprise agreement.

Responses to this survey indicated a concerning level of customer abuse and violence in stores which is unacceptable.

We have raised these concerns with the company and were provided a lacklustre response.

We want to hear from you now about your experiences so we can formulate a comprehensive report of customer abuse and violence in Apple sites and continue to work to make your workplace safer and free from abuse and violence.


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