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Being paid for all time worked at ALDI isn't optional - it's the law

Every minute you work counts, and if you’re not being paid for all time worked, this is against the law.

The SDA is investigating the practice of ALDI workers having to work before or after their shift without pay.

It doesn’t matter how small it might seem, anyone who has worked at ALDI in the past 6 years is eligible to be involved and pursue compensation.

If you’ve ever had to do work duties before or after your shift at ALDI, take our survey.

The SDA has recently won a case in the Federal Court against ALDI for the underpayment of workers in one of its distribution centres.

Our case found that ALDI DC workers were expected to complete work duties before their rostered start time without pay.

The compensation for this conduct is expected to be up to $10 million, with ALDI also being fined $80,000 for these breaches.