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The SDA's campaign to remove junior rates for retail & fast food workers aged 18 and over

The SDA has lodged a groundbreaking case in the Fair Work Commission to abolish junior rates of pay for workers aged 18 years and older.

Our case is also seeking to lift the rates of pay for most workers under the age of 18.

For too long, young workers have discriminated against because of their age.

So we’re doing something about it.

Our case will seek to amend the retail, fast food, and pharmacy awards to remove the reduced rate of pay – 70% for 18 years old, 80% for 19 years old, and in fast food and pharmacy the 90% rate for 20-year-olds- so that all adults receive the adult wage.

We also seeking to lift the under 16 years old rate to 50% and the 17 year old to 75%.

If you’re on an Enterprise Agreement that has junior rates and our case is successful, the minimum legal rates will be lifted as well.

Our message is clear: If you’re of Adult Age, you should earn an Adult Wage.

If you’re 19 or under and work in retail, fast food or pharmacy, we need to hear from you now.

Take our survey.

How can you support the campaign to lift wages for younger workers?

The SDA can’t do this alone.

We need to send a really strong message to the Fair Work Commission and employers that you support removing junior rates of pay.

Workers of all ages can support our campaign for change.

Sign up to our campaign here.

Fair Work Commission is the independent umpire that decides minimum workplace standards. As the union, the SDA has standing to lodge an application to change those standards. The Fair Work Commission will then hear the case and make a decision on the SDA’s application.

Many employers currently reduce hours as workers get older. With less options for reduced rates and a more flat pay structure employers will not be able to cut hours of older workers like they do now.

We don’t know, we expect employer groups to fight this very hard. It will be up to the Fair Work Commission to hear the arguments. It’s also likely that they will phase in any changes.

The SDA is applying to abolish junior rates for workers 18 and over in the retail, fast food and pharmacy industries.

Proposed changes to the General Retail Industry Award, Fast Food Industry Award and Pharmacy Industry Award.   

*General Retail Industry Award pays 90% for the first 6 months of employment

We would expect that if our case was successful the Fair Work Commission would phase these in. We have suggested an equal phasing so that all workers receive an immediate benefit.